Clarion Dental Care can make your smile look like the shining crown jewel it should. Dr. Jewell performs a wide range of dental services like crown & bridge therapy to help you maintain optimal oral health and that perfect smile. 


When teeth have reached the end of their usable function, they may require crowns or bridges to work with whatever is left of a tooth. It is so easy for anyone to get to the stage that they may need crown & bridge therapy today because we are living longer than ever and eating so many processed foods. Our teeth just don’t last as long as they may have many years ago. 


If you require crowns & bridges, the treatment will start with a root canal. Teeth require the application of a crown when the decay has reached the pulp chamber or infected the roots. At that point, there is nothing left to do but drill out the pulp and clean the canals. Once the roots are cleaned, the tooth can be supported with a stainless-steel structure and then sealed. Afterward, a crown can be fitted that looks just like a tooth.

Sometimes, a bridge will fill in a missing gap by anchoring a false tooth into place and bridging the gap. There are many kinds of bridges. However, most clients opt for permanent bridges that are cemented into place over teeth like the crowns. You can usually avoid abscesses and other painful infections by great preventative care and exams at Clarion Dental Care. Contact us to schedule an appointment where we can examine your teeth and discuss your treatment options.